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    ​Everything from finding apartments, opening bank accounts to booking restaurants or finding schools for your children.


When you need a work permit, business or tourist visa, we are here to help, our team have years of experience with all types of work permits and visa applications and can advice of what you need to prepare, what visa and work permit to apply for so that you maximize your chances of getting approved.

When you subscribe to ButlerBobs at Platinum level we take care of your airport transfers in Shanghai, Bangkok and Saigon, we have our own fleet of cars with trusted drivers and best of all, its is all free of charge.

We make sure you get to or from the airport in a safe and secure way without the hassle of queueing and worrying about being cheated.

When you want something specific to eat but you do not know the best place in town or perhaps you do not know any place at all for the type of food you want, not to worry, we are here to help, a simple message and we will advice and make reservations for you so you can have a wonderful time.

For those special occasions like birthdays or Valentines we cooperate with many of the top places in every city, we can help with reservations and other special requests like flower arrangements, cakes and pretty much everything else you can think of.

Let us worry on your behalf.

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